Guide: In these countries, you need to refuel your car on a self-driving holiday

There are huge differences in how much you have to pay for fuel as you drive through Europe. It shows a new study by Dave Brandstetter, which here gives you a guide to where it is most economical for you to refuel gasoline as well as diesel.

Every summer, several Danes go on a self-drive holiday, where experiences under foreign skies and the opportunity for more hours of sunshine lure. One of the many benefits of driving self-vacation is, among other things, the great independence and freedom where you can hold and stretch your legs when the desire is for it. Furthermore, the drive allows you to enjoy the view along the way, experience the local culture and grab a meal at a local restaurant.

In these countries, you need to refuel your car on a self-driving holiday

In these countries, you need to refuel your car on a self-driving holiday

There can also be financial benefits associated with drive-yourself holidays, as it may be cheaper, for example, to fill up the car with the family rather than to transport in airplanes and then rent a car at the holiday destination. Taking the car also takes into account the great environmental impact that flight poses.

If you are planning your self-drive holiday, we recommend that you plan as best you can in which countries to refuel your car. Namely, there can be large differences in fuel prices.

On the world map below, you can study which countries offer the lowest fuel prices.

Map of gasoline and diesel prices in the world. Updated every day at 02:00

See the map in large format here

The map clearly shows the price differences between countries, but it also shows the difference between gasoline and diesel. For example, the price difference between 95 octane gasoline and diesel in Denmark is USD 1.52 and 1.64 in Greece, then the price difference is only USD 0.22 in Belgium. Furthermore, in a number of countries, diesel is more expensive than gasoline (Switzerland, Romania and Serbia), which is economically important to keep in mind when refueling.

How much does a run-yourself vacation in fuel cost?

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You can see examples of what it costs to drive to selected holiday destinations in the table below.

(Please note that geographical distances are obtained via Google Maps and that they may vary depending on route selection. Also, the need for car type fuel, driving conditions, etc., so the amount of 50 liters of fuel is selected solely to make fuel prices comparable ).

If you are going to Norway, you should always refuel your car before crossing the border. Norway has some of the highest prices in the world for diesel such as gasoline. The price difference between Denmark and Norway is thus USD 1.61 per share. liter of diesel, while it is USD 0.85 per liter. liter gasoline (dated 13.6.2018).

If you are going to Italy you should also think about where you are thinking, as Austria is significantly cheaper than its neighboring country. In Italy, diesel costs USD 11.32 and gasoline USD 12.21 per unit. The prices in Austria are USD 9.38 on diesel and USD 9.76 on gasoline respectively. The price difference is thus USD 1.94 on diesel and USD 2.45 on gasoline (dated 13.6.2018).

All countries have the same purchase price

All countries have the same purchase price

Although all countries have access to the same fuel prices, diesel and gasoline prices vary considerably around the world. This is due to various taxes and subsidies, where rich countries generally have higher prices, while poor countries and countries that themselves produce and export oil have significantly lower prices.

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