53045 Drops Nft Shoes + Immersive Wear & Community Experience in partnership with Metajuice

NFTs will be purchased in the dematerialized market and ported into Imvu, the largest metaverse of 3D social avatars

/EIN News/ — Redwood City, Calif., Feb. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via blockchain thread) SHOES 53045 continues its invasion of the metaverse – releasing its first-ever virtual shoe (and unique virtual experience) in partnership with MetaJuice (www.metajuice.com), the blockchain company unlocking the metaverse.

Buyers can go to http://thedematerialised.com starting February 3, 2022 and purchase the limited-edition Cyb’Air NFTs, then bring them to the IMVU metaverse and showcase them in a specially designed room.

Cyb’Air – a virtual platform bubble sneaker boot with supernatural powers – is launched as an NFT on a virtual fashion platform DEMATERIALIZED (DMAT) in conjunction and can be imported and ported to the metaverse platform IMVU February 3, 2022 at 3 p.m. Paris, 6 a.m. THE. Three NFTs—Thunder, Lava, and Ice—will be available with varying levels of rarity:

  • Cyb’Air Thunder: Limited series of 150 units at 200 euros each
  • Cyb’Air Lava: Limited series of 150 copies at 200 euros each
  • Cyb’Air Ice: 1 unit, auctions from 1000 euros

Cyb’Air’s design sets a new bar for shoe design in the Metaverse. The futuristic boot introduces a new air bubble sole to the brand’s family of styles: a two-stage platform with a three-stage heel. Inspired by motocross shoes and superhero boots, Cyb’Air has built-in superpower effects: thunder has a stormy thunder effect, lava erupts like a molten volcano, and ice freezes and shatters.

“Our brand has been digital since day one. We’ve always created digital art and built a digital community, so it’s a natural playground for us,” says Aurelia Ammour, CEO of SHOES 53045. “People are daring to wear more extreme styles in the metaverse, and it’s exciting to bring that to them.”

“When designing for the Metaverse, there are no limits to creativity – no constraints on what can be produced or adapted to the human foot,” adds David Tourniaire, Creative Director of SHOES. 53045. “It’s exciting for us.”

Karinna Grant, Co-CEO of DMAT, explains that “By partnering again with Shoes53045, we wanted to be even more progressive than when we last launched NFT together. Therefore, this time we focused on enabling authentic NFT utility through seamless integration allowing owners to wear their shoes directly to Avatar (DTA) in IMVU through our MetaJuice NFT partnership. We strive to provide added value with our NFTs and can’t wait to see owners styling their new boots in the metaverse!

Through DEMATERIALIZEDowners can showcase the NFT on their universal profile, wear and capture them in AR, and for the first time ever, owners can wear their new shoes in IMVU.

To celebrate the drip, SHOES 53045 and DMAT are partnering with metaverse blockchain company, MetaJuice, to make NFTs available on the IMVU platform.

“MetaJuice unlocks the full value of the metaverse for users and we are one of the few platforms that allows users to import NFTs and showcase them,” said Nancy Beaton, VP of Strategy and Marketing. for MetaJuice. “The IMVU platform has 1,000,000 daily active users, and we’re giving each of them a unique experience where they can own, style, and wear NFT and Cyb’air shoes in an immersive SHOES 53045 environment.”

As part of the launch, NFT owners are invited to participate in SHOES 53045’s first meta-movie – an interactive, community-based art project that will be screened in a live event and exhibition on Spacial.io from of February 25. Owners and influencers will be encouraged to create content in the IMVU experience and share videos, images, and media montages showcasing the shoes in action in their digital lives with the hashtag #cybair. The results will be edited into a meta-film that will be part of the final exhibition.

Last but not least, concurrent with the meta-movie, there will be a SHOES 53045 Instagram selfie challenge for the IMVU community, with a Shoes 53045 digital shoes giveaway and chances to win an NFT Shoes 53045 and a VCOIN.

The 3-D Cyb’Air campaign, produced by digital artist Gabrielle Rosenstein (@gabrielle_rosenstein) and Virtual Rags (@virtualrags), features the shoes and their superpowers in close-up to a soundtrack by New York hyperpop group Frost Children (@ children of the frost).

About SHOES 53045

SHOES 53045 (www.shoes53045.com) is a next-generation unisex vegan shoe brand designed in Paris by footwear legend David Tourniaire (ex-Margiela and co-creator of the iconic Balenciaga Triple S) and based in Los Angeles. Known for its futuristic style with air bubble soles and a deep connection to emerging digital culture, SHOES 53045 is the first emerging direct-to-consumer sneaker brand to be a player in the metaverse. The brand is in a unique position to shape the culture of this fledgling space and become an iconic brand in the metaverse. (The numbers 53045 spell SHOES backwards.)

SHOES 53045 has been worn and Instagrammed by some of the world’s most stylish influencers including models Gigi Hadid and Liu Wen; music icons like Lil Nas X, Lizzo, Rita Ora, Nessa Barrett, Rico Nasty, Chris Lee, CL, MIA, Jhené Aiko, Lil Gotit, Kim Petras, Dorian Electra, Tommy Genesis, Lil Mariko and Pussy Riot; actors Noah Schnapp from Stranger Things, Laverne Cox from Orange is the New Black and Sasha Lane from American Honey; street style icons Yu Masui, Josephine Lee, Liron Eini and Ryon Wu; and designer Bajowoo of 99 Percentis. Learn more about SHOES 53045 instagram.


6am LA, 3pm Paris, 10pm Shanghai, 11pm Tokyo

For more information contact [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

URL: www.thedematerialised.com


Instagram/ Wechat/ TikTok/ Little Red Book/ Weibo: @shoes53045

Press kit: www.bit.ly/CYBAIR

About dematerialized

DEMATERIALIZED (thedematerialised.com) is the digital fashion experiential market space. Its vision is to enable consumers, designers and brands to access, exchange and use Fashion NFTs. It works as a web3 e-commerce platform and white label business solution. THE DEMATERIALIZED facilitates new forms of digital culture and its marketplace serves to nurture the economy of creators while providing transparency, provenance and sovereignty through the LUKSO blockchain.

DEMATERIALIZED works on the LUKSO blockchain, which uses the Proof of Stake consensus. Proof-of-stake not only provides more security, but also reduces the carbon footprint, as it can reduce energy consumption and hardware requirements. In addition, with each purchase of a DMAT NFT, a mangrove tree is planted in Madagascar thanks to an initiative with RE: EARTH. This tree species was specifically chosen because it compensates for the greatest amount of Co2 over its lifetime.

About IMVU

Based in Silicon Valley, IMVU (imm-view) is the world’s largest friendship discovery and social platform, and one of the top 5 grossing apps on the iOS/Apple App Store and Google Play Store, where millions of users customize their avatars and explore over 40,000+ destinations to connect with each other. Through chat and events, IMVU’s massive metaverse enables and strengthens friendship and human connection. A community of hundreds of thousands of creators fuel IMVU’s peer-to-peer economy by designing and selling goods and virtual destinations, adding to a growing catalog of 50 million items. The IMVU Experience is available on the the Weba desktop application and as iOS and android application. IMVU is a division of Together Labs.

About MetaJuice

Metajuice (www.metajuice.com) unlocks the metaverse. By building blockchain-driven economies where everyone can own, earn, create, and shape the future Metaverse, MetaJuice will achieve its vision of opening up the Metaverse and creating a world where users, players, and creators can participate and share its success. MetaJuice launched VCORE and VCOIN meta-tokens, and NFT assets. MetaJuice is the blockchain subsidiary of Together Labs.

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