AEW Fight Forever Details: Roster, Community Creations, More

Fighting selection learned some details behind the upcoming AEW video game Fight Forever.

As for the minigames, we’re told that was an All Elite Wrestling idea, and something they had been pushing. We’re told there were people involved who pushed the idea of ​​community creations on the game early on, but All Elite Wrestling wasn’t as interested, and Yuke was happy to pass it on as it was the AEW budget they were working on. with. We’re told that eventually AEW decided they wanted a community creations-style look, but by then Yuke felt they’d have to scrap other features to make it a reality. We don’t know where things stand now.

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Heavy resources have been poured into the game’s story mode, and many talents have come in to do voiceover work. We are told that John Silver, Orange Cassidy. MJF himself actually wrote a promo for the game. We were told at one point that there was story material that needed to be prepared for The Bunny, Ricky Starks, and Keith Lee, but there’s had a backtrack on this. We don’t know where things stand with those talents now.

Some names that we had confirmed are not part of the first version of the game: Evil Uno, Jake Hager, Private Party, The Acclaimed, Santana and Ortiz, in addition to FTR. However, we were told that the work plan is now to add FTR as DLC. However, they were originally planned for the first version of the game. Stu Grayson was also not planned before he left.

Prior to their suspensions, we had heard that Kenny Omega, Christopher Daniels, and Michael Nakazawa would be at the Tokyo Game Show where the AEW game will be showcased.

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