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This fourth thriller from Rake Ozenna will leave readers breathless. Rake faces dangerous choices and deadly consequences in this harrowing political thriller that takes you from the Finnish ice islands to the bustling streets of Tokyo to Russia and the White House.

Rake’s mission is to gain access to the Kato family – Japan’s most dangerous criminal empire – through his daughter, Sara. But when the Russian leader’s son is assassinated and Sara becomes implicated, a political crisis between Russia, Japan and the United States begins. Rake must keep Sara alive while uncovering the true extent of the Kato family’s threat to America. Get ready for a fascinating page turn.

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“Think healthy, be healthy”
by Beth Linder-Moss

“Think Healthy, Be Healthy” is a comprehensive guide to living a healthy, balanced life. It offers simple ways to restructure your life to create the healthiest version of yourself – even with today’s crazy schedules – by making easy-to-implement changes in all aspects of your daily life. These changes will allow you to improve your physical and mental well-being, as well as your confidence.

With over 30 years of experience as an exercise physiologist, personal and group trainer, and health coach, the author shares his insights by providing advice on fitness, positive thinking, nutrition, and sleeping habits. Positive thoughts and choices are the key to a balanced lifestyle.

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The most likely club‘The most likely club’
by Elyssa Friedland

At their landmark high school reunion, a group of friends make a pact to achieve their high school superlatives one way or another, in the acclaimed author’s new animated novel of “Last Summer at the Golden Hotel”.

In Bellport, CT in 1997, four best friends and high school students are ready to set the world on fire. Fast forward 25 years and nothing has gone according to plan as the women regroup at their dreaded high school reunion. When a forgotten classmate makes a startling announcement, the friends wonder: is it too late to make their dreams come true? Fueled by nostalgia and one drink too many, they form a pact to overcome their middle-aged angst in order to fulfill their teenage aspirations.

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A turn of light“A bend of light”
by Joy Jordan Lake

A sleepy coastal town in post-World War II America is shaken when secrets of the past and present collide in a gripping novel by the best-selling author of “Under a Gilded Moon.”

Five years after the war, Amie Stilwell returns to her hometown in Maine, starting over in the same village where her life went so wrong. His surrogate mother, Shibby Travis, is waiting for him. But the unexpected also awaits you.

An abandoned boy is found with a note asking that he be watched. Amie and Shibby take her in, but mysteries multiply when a Boston socialite is found dead in Amie’s barn and an old friend suddenly reappears. Through the hazy filter of a city’s secrets, Amie must confront her own painful past.

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