Tokyo tour

Tokyo Tour with 14 new characters available

Continuous support Nintendo in Visit Mario Kart, the ultimate Big N mobile game, which despite some controversies including monetization and microtransactions, and some issues encountered at launch, was a game quite popular with fans. The application has indeed been downloaded more than 90 million times , for a launch which …

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Mario Kart Tour’s new Tokyo Tour is live

See you in Tokyo with the latest Mario Kart Tour update. Mario Kart Tour brings his colorful racing antics to a new setting this week. Starting today, you can jump into the game to try out the new Tokyo Tour course set in Mario Kart Tour, which is packed with …

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MadeinTYO’s Sincerely, Tokyo Tour – The Varsity

After the release of the critically acclaimed album Sincerely, Tokyo, MadeinTYO hosted their tour of the same name and stopped by the Mod Club in Toronto on February 25. The intimate Little Italy venue turned out to be a great choice, with the crowd going into total trance throughout the …

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