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The Global Financial Centers Index (GFCI 32) provides future competitiveness assessments and rankings for 119 financial centers around the world, including two cities in South Africa – Johannesburg and Cape Town.

The report, a collaboration between the China Development Institute (CDI) in Shenzhen and Z/Yen Partners in London, is updated and published every March and September.

It is compiled using 151 instrumental factors, grouped into five broad areas: Business environment, human capital, infrastructure, financial sector development and reputation. These quantitative measures are provided by third parties, including the World Bank, the Economist Intelligence Unit, the OECD and the United Nations.

The instrumental factors are combined with financial center ratings provided by respondents to the GFCI online questionnaire. GFCI 31 uses 66,121 ratings from 11,038 respondents.

New York tops the index, with London second, ahead of Singapore in third, which overtook Hong Kong in fourth. Paris returned to the index’s top 10, replacing Tokyo, which fell to 16th place, possibly reflecting a relatively slow recovery in consumption from the Covid-19 pandemic, the authors said.

The ranking of Chinese financial centers continues to climb steadily. A total of 12 financial centers on the Chinese mainland are on the list. Beijing retains its 8th place among global financial centers and Shenzhen moves up to 9th place.

Among the top 40 centers, three centers gained 10 places or more, and one lost more than 10 places. All but one of the centers in the top 40 have increased their rating in the index, and only 11 of the total 119 centers dropped in the ratings.

Middle East and Africa

Dubai and Abu Dhabi occupy first and second place in the region, with Dubai stable in the rankings at 17th place and Abu Dhabi falling one place in the ranking.

Casablanca continues to be the top African center, maintaining its 54th position overall, while other African centers have dropped in the rankings.

Cape Town beats Johannesburg, ranking 64th ahead of the country’s largest city, which ranks 65th. Both cities slipped down the rankings of the 31st edition of the index.

Middle East and Africa Centers

Great economic shift towards Cape Town

New building data for South Africa shows an economic shift between the two regions – with the Western Cape’s annual building plans adopted for 2022 likely topping those of Gauteng for the first time in recorded history.

“Years of building a popular ‘brand’ as a lifestyle and well-run region are looking to pay off more and more for the Western Cape’s economy and property market,” said John Loos, property strategist at the ETFs.

Loos said that for more than two decades, the FNB had noticed a growing trend of “net out-migration” of skilled, high-income households, particularly towards the Western Cape, but also towards some coastal areas of KZN.

“This has led to the expectation that the Western Cape economy will at some point start to outperform the others, as South Africa’s modern service-dominated economy is highly dependent on labour. skilled work, and the Western Cape is best placed to attract and retain them.”

On top of that, skilled migrants bring significant purchasing power to the region, he said.


The China Development Institute (CDI) and Z/Yen Partners also evaluated 113 centers for their Fintech offering.

New York maintains its leading position in the Fintech rankings, followed by San Francisco, Los Angeles and London, with Shanghai and Beijing in fifth and sixth places.

Chinese, American and German hubs performed well in the Fintech rankings, with Atlanta, Chengdu, Berlin, Stuttgart, San Diego, Tianjin, Dalian, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Wuhan improving over 10 ranking places.

outside of these countries. Helsinki, Oslo and Lugano also moved up more than 10 ranking places.

Cape Town again ranks above Johannesburg for Fintech.

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The Pikachu and Eevee mailboxes in the Japanese city are great, and there is also another Pokémon to see【Photos】 Sat, 24 Sep 2022 01:01:09 +0000

Three Pokémon species are ready to send your mail on the way to this city south of Tokyo.

In Japan, there is no door-to-door mail pickup. The post office makes daily deliveries to your doorstep, but if you want to send something, you’ll either have to walk to the post office or find a public letterbox to drop your letter off at.

It’s kind of a hassle, but the upside is that if you live in the city of Yokohamaabout half an hour south of downtown Tokyo, you can now drop off your letters in Pokemon Mailboxes!

Yokohama has long-standing Pokémon connections. It’s where the first real-world Pokémon Center supermarket was opened, where the first Pokéfuta Pokémon manhole cover was installed, and, most adorably, where the annual Pikachu outbreak takes place. But while Outbreak Pikachus packs only stick around for a week or so, the Pikachu mailbox is here all year round, and Pikachu isn’t the only pocket monster represented either, because there are a total of three Pokémon mailboxes, each featuring a different species.

Let’s start with Pikachu’s, though. If you’re heading there to post a letter, or just to say how cute it is, the nearest train stop is Bashamichi Stationon the Minato Mirai subway line.

▼ You may remember Bashamichi Station from when there was a giant Gundam head inside.

There is only one exit door for the station, but since it is underground, there are several ways to get back to the surface. If you’re here for Pikachu, the one you want to take is exit A1, a somewhat ominous stairwell.

Don’t worry, because once you get to the top, you’ll spot some very familiar tails..

Exit A1 takes you to the sidewalk just behind the Pikachu mailbox, allowing you to see that not only are there two Pikachus, but one is male and the other is female.

▼ You can recognize a female Pikachu by the heart-shaped key in her tail.

And as you may have noticed, right next to the mailbox with the Pikachus is another one with Eevee!

Pokémon are apparently very class when it comes to written correspondence. Take a good look and you will see that Pikachu and Eevee send envelopes sealed with a wax seal with a Poké Ball motif.

The box itself also sports Poké Ball’s signature color scheme..

Ah, but you were promised three Pokémon mailboxes, right? For the last, we will have to walk to the Yokohama Sakuragi Post Office. Luckily, it’s only two blocks away, across the entrance to the Okagawa River which flows next to Yokohama’s New City Hall.

▼ It’s the post office out front, with the red sign just above its door.

Luckily, the third Pokémon mailbox is set up outside the post office, so you can see it any time of day or night, just like Pikachu and Eevee’s. So who is this Pokémon on the third box?


… Piplup!

Yokohama’s Pokemon Mailboxes were installed last summer (when these photos were taken), coinciding with a whole host of Gen-IV starter-related promotions. As a Water-type, he also has an affinity with the port city of Yokohama, and he looked like he was at home sitting there and smiling, with the river literally a stone’s throw away.

As cute as Piplup is, I have to admit that I still feel a bit let down by the character as a whole. I mean, other Pokemon seem very much part of their role as fantasy world fauna, and it’s easy to imagine them having such incredible powers as the ability to shoot bolts of electricity or levitate. Piplup, however, looks like a penguin. A very cute penguin, yes, but still a penguin.

But as a signal, just when I thought a woman got on her bike, with her daughter in the seat behind her. Once the kid got off the bike, she dug into her backpack, pulled out a Piplup soft toy, and posed for a photo in front of the mailbox, with a big smile on her face. It was clear that they had come specifically to see the mailbox, proving that there were certainly avid Piplup fans there.

Initially, Pokémon Mailboxes in Yokohama were supposed to be in service for only one year. Based on popular response, however, this period has been extended until June 2026so they will still be there and waiting when Japan finally reopens to unrestricted international tourism next month.

Location Information
● Pikachu and Eevee mailboxes
Bashamichi Station (Exit 1A) / 馬車道駅(1A出口)
Address: Kanagawa-ken, Yokohama-shi, Chuo-ku, Honcho 5-49

● Tiplup mailbox
Yokohama Sakuragi Post Office / 横浜桜木郵便局
Address: Kanagawa-ken, Yokohama-shi, Chuo-ku, Sakuragicho 1-1

Photos ©SoraNews24
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Bizarre bicycle vandalism reported to Komono City mayor, mayor admits Fri, 16 Sep 2022 16:04:34 +0000

And so ends the shortest survey ever.

Komono City in the northern part of Mie Prefecture is a scenic place to live, but it’s also not immune to the weirdness. The occasional irrational driver or robbery cop has been spotted from time to time, but none of that could match the weirdness of the past few months.

On August 16, Komono received a report from a contract worker collecting abandoned and illegally parked bicycles for confiscation. The reason was that near a free bicycle parking next to a train station a large number of bicycles were found together on the side of the street. Additionally, they were standing upside down with their tires raised skyward.

Perturbed by the kind of twisted mind or minds that would do something so inexplicable, the contractor told city officials: “The condition of the bikes was abnormal. This goes beyond the realm of ordinary misdeeds.

The official who received the report was also alarmed by its strangeness and immediately took it to Mayor Takayuki Shibata who then said, “That was me.”

▼ Mayor Shibata

Since last July, overnight parking of bicycles has been prohibited in the free parking lot near the station. So from July to September, Mayor Shibata had gone to the parking lot early in the morning, picking up abandoned bicycles, then putting them upside down on the side of the nearby street.

While this partly explains what happened, there were still many unanswered questions, so at a town assembly meeting on September 12, council members berated Mayor Shibata for the door. bike upside down.

Councilman Enkichi Yokoyama asked, “Isn’t that a bit much? Logically, putting the bikes upside down can damage the handlebars and basket and cause the chains to come loose. You may be charged with property damage.

Mayor Shibata explained that because the bikes were locked, the easiest way to transport them was upside down by their frame. Also, some days he was carrying 30 bikes and was too tired to turn them right side up. He added: “In Tokyo and Osaka they pile bikes on trucks and take them away, but I have never heard of anyone being held liable for property damage. I also confirmed to the police that it was not a problem.

▼ Report with Mayor Shibata explaining why and how he moved the bikes

Councilman Kengo Fujita then called the act “irrational” and pointed out that part of the area where Mayor Shibata left the bikes was private property and he could be charged with illegal dumping.

Mayor Shibata fired back, “First of all, [bicycles] are not garbage. These bikes violated the rights of the townspeople. However, he also said he would take board members’ comments seriously and deal with the issue in a different way from then on.

He also told the media, “That won’t happen again. Honestly, I never thought it would make so much noise. This could become a moot point soon anyway, as Komono plans to expand bike parking options in this area from 50 spaces to 200 by the end of next March.

Granted, that probably wasn’t the ideal solution to the problem, but Mayor Shibata certainly didn’t shy away from literally taking the city’s business into his own hands in his attempt to help the citizens. In some ways, you could say he looks a lot like Mike Haggar, Metro City’s no-nonsense mayor…but without the mustache.

Source: TV Asahi News, Ise Shimbun
Top Image: Pakutaso
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]]> A suspended sculpture transforms the atrium of the Cape Town museum | app Fri, 16 Sep 2022 09:52:44 +0000

CAPE TOWN, South Africa (AP) — Moody, brooding and floaty, Malagasy artist Joel Andrianomearisoa’s “The Five Continents of All Our Desires” transforms the imposing atrium of the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art in Cape Town.

Malagasy black tissue paper sculptures hang in the museum’s multi-story central atrium. The constructions form a massive, slow-moving mobile that suggests geographical archipelagos and plays on the massive curved concrete walls of the building.

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kAm“%96 u:G6 r@?E:?6?ED @7 p== ~FC s6D:C6D” H:== 36 @? D9@H:? r2A6 %@H? Announcement F?E:= yF?6[ a_ab]k^am

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Cebu Pacific honors Filipino Paralympians with free flights Fri, 16 Sep 2022 03:42:12 +0000

Jeam Out of Town Blog Hub ( – Exactly one year after the Tokyo Paralympic Games saw the participation of six Filipino Paralympians, local athletes continue to relish their achievements as they strive to perfect their craft while enjoying the company of their families.

Cebu Pacific honors Filipino Paralympic athletes.

The Paralympic Games are an international multi-sport event for athletes with disabilities. The games aim to create a more inclusive world through parasport and help Paralympians achieve sporting greatness. As the ultimate test of courage, determination, inspiration and equality, Paralympians are seen as champions when they cross the starting line.

Recognizing the level of commitment it takes to compete in international sporting competition, not least the highly sought-after Tokyo Games, which marked the Philippines’ first gold medal, Cebu Pacific (CEB) offered the Olympic delegation and Paralympic free flights they can use for themselves and their friends and family. Additionally, CEB is the only airline to have offered flight scholarships to show appreciation to athletes who proudly represented the Philippines at the Paralympic Games.

“Our Paralympic delegation did their best and proved they deserved to fly. We recognize their efforts and are grateful to them for representing our country loud and clear,” said Carmina Romero, Director of Corporate Communications at Cebu Pacific.

A total of 26 flights were given to each Paralympian, which they used for themselves and their loved ones, so they could fly across CEB’s domestic and international short-haul destinations.

One of the Paralympians, Filipino wheelchair racer Jerrold Mangliwan, who placed eighth in the men’s 100m T52 final, was able to use and share his free flights from Cebu Pacific with his family and friends immediately after their competition. “Participating in the games is always a challenge. It takes a lot of mental, physical and financial investment, which is why I consider it a blessing to reunite with friends and family after a tournament, especially after the Tokyo games. Through the flight grants, we felt the airline’s love and support for para-athletes,” says Mangliwan.

Filipino Paralympic athletes
Filipino Paralympic athletes

For para-athlete Angel Otom, she used the flight grants to be with her family while competing in the games. “We were able to see my child compete in swimming for the first time thanks to the free flights provided by Ernie Gawilan and Gary Bejino. I was thrilled to be able to see her in person during the competition. Apart from the fact that it was my first trip to Indonesia with my husband, it helped us a lot to save money because instead of paying for it with ours, we used it to pay for other expenses such as hotels and food during our stay. Indonesia. We are grateful for the free plane tickets. Cebu Pacific’s crew were friendly and made sure passengers had a comfortable and smooth flight,” says Mila Otom, Angel’s mother.

Similarly, Abner Alegarbes, the father of para-athlete Ariel Alegarbes, was also able to visit Indonesia and watch his son compete. “Coach, I am very grateful to Cebu Pacific to attend Indonesia to witness Child’s Play. Po talaga much appreciated. Sana maulit muli. Thank you talaga,” says Abner.

(Coach, I’m very grateful that Cebu Pacific made it possible for me to travel to Indonesia in time to see my son compete. It’s much appreciated and I hope it happens again. Thank you very much.)

Cebu Pacific honors Filipino Paralympians with free flights
Cebu Pacific honors Filipino Paralympic athletes with free flights

Other Paralympians like Ernie Gawilan, Allan Ganapin, Gary Bejino, Jeanette Acevedo and Achelle H. Guion have used flight grants to continue the love for the sport. The flight grant encouraged Paralympians to hone their skills by giving them a sense of value for all the effort they had put in to compete for their country. “The CEB flight scholarships came as a surprise to me. This allowed me to continue my training without having to worry about expensive flights,” says Ernie Gawilan.

True to the airline’s motto that “Everyjuan deserves to fly”, CEB granted flights to all Olympic and Paralympic delegates in Tokyo in 2021, as the airline also coincidentally celebrated its 25th year of democratization. air transport.

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]]> From Ghost Town to Weekend Pedestrian Heaven: How Maru Biru Helped Transform Tokyo’s Business District Thu, 15 Sep 2022 21:00:00 +0000

The Yomiuri Shimbun, courtesy of Mitsubishi Estate Co.
Left: Marunouchi Naka-dori street today, which is now a pedestrian street at certain times of the day, in the Chiyoda district of Tokyo.
Marunouchi Naka-dori Street in 1967.

Sandwiched between the Imperial Palace and Tokyo Station, the Marunouchi business district has long been home to the headquarters of many large corporations, but until the 21st century the area was a weekend ghost town.

Today, the redevelopment of the entire district has transformed the area into a bustling weekend destination with brand name shops, acclaimed restaurants and cultural amenities.

What initiated the change was the opening on September 6, 2002 of the new Maru Biru, or Marunouchi building.

“The discussion started with whether Marunouchi would remain a place where people just work,” said Seijin Chino, general manager of Mitsubishi Estate Co., which is developing the neighborhood. “We struggled to find ways to encourage people to visit multiple places in the area.”

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Maru Biru in Chiyoda district, Tokyo

Maru Biru has thus become a symbol of the development and renewal of Marunouchi.

The lower floors of Maru Biru have been designed to retain the look of the old Marunouchi building which was built in 1923. More than a tenth of the total area of ​​the 37-story building is used as commercial areas for more of 100 stores and an event space in the ground floor atrium was also created. On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, several stores in Maru Biru will be replaced in stages until next spring.

Kiyomi Mikuni, the 68-year-old celebrity chef of French cuisine, opened a restaurant in the neighborhood shortly before the opening of Maru Biru.

“Before, on vacation, there was no one, not even a mouse,” Mikuni said. “I knew the area had potential, but I didn’t know how much it could change.”

In recent years, as Japan welcomed record numbers of foreign tourists, many people wishing to avoid the crowds of the nearby Ginza district flocked to Marunouchi Naka-dori Street. Pedestrianized in some sections at specific times of the day since 2015, the street runs along the Imperial Palace side of Maru Biru through the entire Marunouchi district. The street has recently exhibited contemporary art and attracts people to the seats set up in the street or the benches along it.

The Yomiuri Shimbun

During the 1990s, many buildings in the neighborhood housed bank branches on the ground floor. As banks close at 3 p.m., pedestrians passing after that time would only encounter shutter after shutter. Buildings in the neighborhood were also aging and some businesses were moving their headquarters out of the neighborhood.

After Maru Biru, Mitsubishi Estate turned its attention to developing the site of the former Japan National Railways headquarters at Marunouchi Oazo. Then next to Maru Biru, a similar skyscraper was built called Shin-Maru Biru, or the Shin-Marunouchi Building. Later, an art museum was built inside the new Mitsubishi Ichigokan building.

In the wider area directly north of Tokyo Station sits the next centerpiece of the capital’s skyline: the Torch Tower, due for completion in 2027 as the nation’s tallest skyscraper at around 390 meters. Events are planned in the square where the tower will rise to highlight the attractiveness of local regions.

Australia and Fiji win Rugby Sevens World Cup in Cape Town Mon, 12 Sep 2022 03:07:15 +0000

Australia’s women’s team spray champagne after beating New Zealand to win their section of the Rugby 7s World Cup tournament in Cape Town, South Africa on Sunday.RODGER BOSCH/AFP/Getty Images

The Aussies dethroned two-time defending champion New Zealand on Sunday to add the Rugby Sevens World Cup title to their HSBC World Rugby Series and Commonwealth Games championships.

Trailing 24-10, the second-seeded Black Ferns scored late tries to reduce the deficit to 24-22, but the top-seeded Australians escaped extra time when Tenika Willison’s conversion attempt failed. derivative right next to it.

The game turned at the start of the second half when New Zealander Niall Williams was sent to the trash for throwing the ball away after a penalty. Australia scored twice on the power play.

Maddison Levi scored three tries for Australia at the Cape Town Stadium.

No. 3 France beat the fourth-seeded Americans 29-7 to win the women’s bronze medal.

Fiji scored four first-half tries en route to a 29-12 victory over two-time defending champions New Zealand in a men’s final that featured three yellow cards. The Pacific Islanders also won the World Cup title in 1997 and 2005.

Number 7 Ireland, who beat top-seeded South Africa 24-14 in the quarter-finals on Saturday, beat number 2 Australia 19-14 on a try from Harry McNulty in the 13th minute in the men’s bronze medal game.

The men’s final was a rematch of the Olympic gold medal game in Tokyo where Fiji beat the All Blacks 27-12. New Zealand beat Fiji 28-21 last month in the Los Angeles Sevens final.

Joseva Talacolo, Kaminieli Rasaku, Elia Canakaivata, Filipe Sauturaga and Pilipo Bukayaro scored tries for third-seeded Fiji, who led 24-5 at the break.

Moses Leo and Akuila Rokolisoa scored tries for 5th New Zealand.

Fiji’s Talacolo was sent to sin bin for a high tackle on Rokolisoa’s try early in the second half. As he returned, Sevuloni Mocenacagi followed him to the trash can. The numbers were evened when New Zealand’s Sione Molia received a yellow card for obstruction.

The Canadians finished sixth while the men finished 13th.

It was a tough final for the fifth-seeded Canadians, who ran into a circular saw in Fiji, losing 53-0. Canada trailed 34-0 at halftime as No. 6 Fiji, clamoring for one restart after another, ran in six of their nine tries before the break.

Fiji held on to the opening kick-off and took a 10-0 lead thanks to tries from Reapi Ulunisau and Alowesi Nakoci in the opening two minutes. The Fijians once again broke through the Canadian defense as Ana Maria Naimasi fended off Florence Symonds to make it 15-0 after four minutes.

The onslaught continued with Sesenielie Donu fending off Breanne Nicholas en route to the try line. Fiji won the ball on the restart and Ulunisau scored under the posts. The conversion made it 27-0 for Fiji.

It was more or less the same on the next kick-off with Raijieli Daveua climbing high to collect the ball and then unloading on Ulunisau to score under the posts and complete the first-half barrage.

Lavenia Cavuru, Adi Vani Buleka and Donu added second-half tries to complete Fiji’s rout.

The teams had shared their two previous World Series encounters with Fiji winning 28-26 in Dubai and Canada winning 26-19 in Langford, British Columbia.

Earlier Sunday, the 10th-seeded Canadian men collected 12 straight points for a 12-10 victory over 17th-seeded Chile in the battle for 13th place.

Both Canadian programs have seen a lot of change with a series of retirements following the Tokyo Olympics where the men finished eighth and the women ninth.

The Canadians, runners-up to New Zealand at the 2013 Moscow tournament, finished seventh four years ago in San Francisco. The best Canadian male performance was a fifth place finish in 2001 in Argentina. They were 12th four years ago.

Couvreur’s Olivia scored two tries with singles from Nicholas and Keyara Wardley as Canada scored 22 consecutive points after conceding a fourth-minute try from Abbie Brown beat No.8 England 22-7 to open the game sunday.

De Couvreur was originally a traveling reserve but joined the playing squad after an injury to veteran Bianca Farella, who ranks second on the World Series top scorers list with 157.

De Couvreur, 22, was one of seven players on Canada’s 13-woman roster aged 22 or younger.

The Canadians were knocked out of the championship in a 10-7 loss to the fourth-seeded Americans in the quarterfinals on Saturday.

In the women’s semi-final, Australia beat the United States 17-7 and New Zealand beat France 38-7. In the men’s semi-final, New Zealand beat Ireland 17-10 and Fiji beat Australia 38-14.

Against Chile, the Canadian men found themselves defensive for most of the first half and trailed 10-0 at the break.

Canada won the ball on the first kickoff, but gave it to Chile with a handling error and the South Americans attacked the Canadian end. After a penalty resulted in a scrum near the Canadian goal line, Julio Blanc hit the ground in the corner for a 5-0.

Thomas Isherwood made a try tackle to prevent a later Chile attack. And the Canadian Lockie Kratz was sent to the trash at the end of half-time for an illegal tackle. The Condors took advantage of the extra manpower with White scoring.

Josiah Morra put Canada on the board early in the second half, edging the defense down the right flank to cut the lead to 10-5. Kratz broke through the Chilean defense after a penalty and Brock Webster’s conversion gave Canada a 12-10 lead with two and a half minutes remaining. Kratz was injured on the play and had to be rescued.

After losing to Uruguay on Saturday, the Canadians survived a 19-point second-half comeback from the Welsh side to win 33-19 in the men’s consolation game later in the day.

Canada opened the men’s game on Friday with a 31-7 win over 23rd-placed Zimbabwe but were knocked out of the championship table after a 19-12 loss to seventh-placed France in the round of 16.

The 24-team men’s and 16-team women’s events both featured a “winner-takes-all” format, meaning a single loss eliminates a team from the championship.

South Africa marks the eighth edition of the men’s sevens World Cup and the fourth for the women.

OF CHANCES AND ENDINGS: Australian town is overrun with kangaroos and other quirky offerings Sun, 11 Sep 2022 15:17:27 +0000

Content of the article

An Australian town is overrun by kangaroos.

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Maaroom in the Queensland region is a small place that is home to just over 200 people, but they far outnumber kangaroos, according to in Australia.

Content of the article

It becomes a huge problem.

“They’re constantly hopping around the park between the trailers,” Caravan Park manager Karen Sutcliffe told ABC. “People are walking around with a big stick now. I wanted to go fishing (for) one afternoon but I won’t, just in case a kangaroo catches me.

“They’re so fast you don’t know where they are.”

It sounds like a joke, given the association with Australia and kangaroos, but it’s not for Maaroom residents.

One, Mark Sidaway, told ABC that recent and repeated rains have led to the roo population boom.

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“The last two years we’ve had La Niña where we get a lot more rain and the conditions are right for grass to grow and we’re all managing our lawns very well,” he said.

“Some people are really good mowers and they keep it shorter, which means fewer kangaroos in your garden, and if you don’t mow that regularly you’ll have big herds in your garden.

“I hope people get the message and stop mistreating them and maybe the other person walking down the street won’t be belted.”

Experts say the attacks are usually linked to a territorial or mating display.

Seinfeld was a billed-for-nothing show.  Now a Japanese man has a job where he gets paid to do nothing.  Files
Seinfeld was a billed-for-nothing show. Now a Japanese man has a job where he gets paid to do nothing. Files Photo by George Lange /NBC


A Japanese could have one of the easiest jobs in the world.

Shoji Morimoto is paid to do nothing.

The 38-year-old Tokyo resident charges 10,000 yen ($91 Canadian) to be a human companion for customers.

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“Basically, I rent myself. My job is to be where my customers want me to be and do nothing in particular,” Morimoto told Reuters, saying he had about 1,000 bookings a year and about 4,000 over the past four years. although it is about half as much. busy as he was before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Morimoto is causing a stir on Twitter, where he finds most of his customers, according to the report.

Apparently, his favorite client even hired him 270 times.

Morimoto doesn’t accept offers of a sexual nature and has refused to help anyone move, but he has done other things like waving at someone leaving on a train and playing with an adult in a playground. games on a seesaw, Reuters said.

A box of live lizards was delivered to the wrong address in New York.  Port Chester Police Department.
A box of live lizards was delivered to the wrong address in New York. Port Chester Police Department.


If one were to categorize a list of things you don’t want to accidentally receive, live lizards might be up there.

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According to the Miami Herald, someone in Port Chester, New York, was scared to get a box of live lizards recently.

“Needless to say, the recipient was quite surprised when he opened the box,” the Port Chester Police Department said in a Saturday, August 27, Facebook post.

The iguanas and other reptiles were all rounded up by cops, and a local animal sanctuary took them to safety.

Port Chester is about 30 miles northeast of New York.

A poo emoji.  Files
A poo emoji. Files Photo by files /Postmedia

OH Poop

When a child asks a smart speaker to play something related to feces, some musicians really take advantage.

Commands such as “play poo”, “play poo diaper”, and more make real songs appear on music services like Spotify connected to smart speakers, a detailed Buzzfeed story.

Amazon Music connected via Alexa can be particularly profitable, according to the report. Some musicians have even created songs on a whim that have earned them thousands of dollars. “Poopy Diaper”, “Poopy Stupid Butt”, and even songs in other languages ​​related to the topic (like “La chanson du caca” in France) can be big winners thanks to kids asking for them to be played.


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5 ways to get out of a year-end funk Fri, 09 Sep 2022 11:42:18 +0000 Here are five ways to relax and rejuvenate this weekend.

BACKGROUND: A visit to Jiva Spa is sure to leave you feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to take on the world. Photo: Jiva Spa at the Taj Cape Town/Facebook

If this end-of-year slump is starting to hit you, why not take advantage of this weekend to recharge your batteries?

Here are five ways to relax and rejuvenate in and around Cape Town.


A good laugh can get anyone out of a funk, so why not head to the Fire and Ice Hotel this Saturday for a comedy special.

Khanyisa Bunu will present a solo comedy starting at 8 p.m. Saturday, so book your tickets and enjoy a night out.

Buy tickets and see more here:


When you’re feeling stressed or exhausted, a day at the spa is always a good idea.

A visit to Jiva Spa is sure to leave you feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to take on the world.

See more here.


If you need a change of scenery, an art gallery might be just what the doctor ordered.

Take a leisurely stroll through the Norval Foundation’s contemporary art museum to get inspired and perhaps kick-start your creativity.

See more here:


You can’t go wrong with great comfort food on the weekends, so why not try something new with Bodega Ramen.

Enjoy an explosion of flavors in this warm and cozy restaurant and let your worries melt away with a bowl of broth.

See more here:


It’s one thing to refresh yourself with a quick break from routine, but if you think your sanity needs a little more boost, why not treat yourself and your mind to a retreat of personal care ?

Take the time to learn important skills for relaxation and well-being and even leave your own terrarium to brighten up your home.

Buy tickets or see more here

Visual Summary: Saying Goodbye to the Giant Ferris Wheel at Palette Town in Odaiba, Tokyo – Nippon News | Editorial Photos | production department Wed, 31 Aug 2022 10:08:38 +0000

An aerial view of the Koto district. Aomi Station, Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower can be seen in the photo. (Photo by Hisao Osonou/AFLO)

August 31, 2022 – Today is the last day to ride one of Odaiba’s famous attractions, the Giant Sky Wheel, also known as Daikanransha (meaning “ferris wheel” in Japanese).

Palette Town in Odaiba, Tokyo. (Photo by Nobuyuki Yoshikawa/AFLO)

At 115 meters or 377 feet, the Daikanransha was the tallest in the world when the Palette Town entertainment complex opened in March 1999. Passengers on the Ferris wheel can see Tokyo Tower, the Rainbow bridge, Tokyo Skytree and a very nice view of Tokyo city.

The Giant Sky Wheel aka Daikanrnasha and its colorful gondolas. (Photo by AFLO)

Twilight view of the Giant Wheel of Heaven/Daikanransha and Mount Fuji in the background. (Photo by Tetsuro Sato/AFLO)

Since Palette Town was announced to be closed in July 2021, surrounding facilities such as Zepp Tokyo, Toyota Mega Web and Venus Fort have already been closed.

Night shot of the giant Ferris wheel/Daikanransha. (Photo by AFLO)

The Daikanransha has attracted not only Japanese visitors, but also foreign visitors. Following the demolition of Palette Town, construction of a new multi-purpose arena and new commercial facilities are expected to be constructed.

Time-lapse of the Giant Ferris Wheel / Daikanransha taken from late afternoon until night. (Video by Hideki Minewaki/AFLO)


Video of Odaiba at sunset with the Giant Ferris Wheel/Daikanransha with Mount Fuji in the background. (Video by K. Fujimura/AFLO)


Video of Odaiba at dusk with the Giant Ferris Wheel / Daikanransha, a passing plane and Mount Fuji in the background. (Video by K. Fujimura/AFLO)
Long queues are to be expected today as people bid farewell to the Daikanransha after more than 20 years of operation.


The photos and videos presented in this article can be licensed on Afloimages. (