City summit meets at Future Gold Coast lunch

The future of the Gold Coast is bright – and according to some of the world leaders of the Bulletin’s Future Gold Coast event, it should get even brighter, with big tourism projects in the works and avenues to make the Olympics a success. from 2032..

Hundreds of people gathered today at the Gold Coast Bulletin’s Future GC Luncheon to hear

industry leaders and top business minds on maximizing the city’s legacy opportunities ahead of the Brisbane 2032 Olympics.

Sky News QLD editor Peter Gleeson, News Corp columnist and Future GC host Peter Gleeson kicked off the event by calling for “real changes” for the Gold Coast, saying major upgrades to infrastructure such as a “suitable second M1” was needed to cement the future of the city.

He said the “elephant in the room” was the Gold Coast being wiped off the planning committee for the 2032 Olympics, calling it “utter disgrace”.

“It is so important as the sixth largest city in the country that we do what is necessary to ensure our growth, now and in the future,” said Mr. Gleeson.

Jason Scott, managing director of QLD and News Regional Media, News Corp, said the event was a “golden opportunity” to discuss a future vision for the Gold Coast.

Ms. Gina Rinehart will not be attending, but will deliver a keynote speech via video link.

The opening speech for the event will be delivered by Michael Payne, President and CEO of Payne Sports Media.

Mayor Tom Tate will join a panel discussion with Rachel Hancock, Editor-in-Chief of the Gold Coast Bulletin, as well as Jess Mellor, CEO of The Star, Dean Gould, CEO of Southern Cross University, Clark Kirby, CEO of Village Roadshow, and Patricia O’Callaghan, CEO of Destination Gold Coast.

Gina Rineheart said the Gold Coast needs to take a “serious look” at government bureaucracy to “hold back the city”.

“We need the government to make room for a new approach that will make the Gold Coast truly prosperous,” she said.

“I implore the city’s leaders not to let the Gold Coast be marred by red tape and mediocrity.”

She mentioned that marinas need major upgrades and called for a number of “international style” underwater bars off the Queensland coast – as well as bringing tourist facilities up to international standards.

She said Queensland could build on the success of the Sydney Olympics and the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games because “now we know what is working”.

Mayor Tom Tate took a hit at the Council of Mayors, saying they should pay him to give advice on how to do big deals ahead of the Olympics.

Cr Tate, who is furious at being snubbed as a member of the Olympic Games organizing committee, has targeted both the state government and the Council of Mayors at the Future Gold Coast forum.

The mayor, who left council last year, said it wasn’t worth spending $ 330,000 a year on membership when he was efficient at making deals on his own.

“We were there during the bid and gave our best contribution and I shared with them the importance of the legacy,” he said.

“When you look at the Council of Mayors, I’ve been there at the table and it’s all about the city agreements. The number of city deals we (on the Gold Coast) got is long, including light rail, superyacht installation, and roads.

“I look at our track record and that of the Council of Mayors, and frankly they should be paying me to sit on the board and give advice – I’m not arrogant.”

A hotel with over 500 rooms and a giant convention center will be developed at Movie World in an effort to relieve pressure on the city’s existing facilities.

Village Roadshow CEO Clark Kirby has confirmed that the project, which has been around for more than five years, is on the verge of completion.

He said the convention center would have room for more than 1,000 people and would be part of the hotel.

“There is so much to be positive, not only for our business and the tourism industry, but for the state as a whole,” he said at the Bulletin’s Future Gold Coast event.

“We’re looking at our portfolio here and have plans for a 500-600 room hotel, a convention center on our land at Movie World and we’re looking to expand our studio facility here.

“This is such an important boost for the local industry.

“We are considering an increase in hotel capacity at Sea World. “

The hotel and convention center will aim to supplement existing facilities rather than replace them.

More soon…


The man credited with saving the Olympic movement says the Gold Coast must engage the whole country if it is to make the 2032 Games a real success.

Marketing guru Michael Payne used his opening speech at Thursday’s Future Gold Coast luncheon to implore political leaders not to lose the next 11 years, to learn from the mistakes of others, not to be “islanders.” and to use the world’s largest sporting event as a “catalyst” for change “to create a city for tomorrow.

“Seek to involve the whole country – don’t be too local,” said Mr. Payne, who has competed in 20 Summer and Winter Games since Los Angeles in 1984.

“And even though the Games are hosted by Brisbane and the Gold Coast, reach out and make it a national event, engage the whole country. The whole country can benefit from being on the world stage – don’t be too parochial – you will need the support of boardrooms from Melbourne to Sydney, to bring your business partners on board.

Speaking to an audience of nearly 300 at Oxenford’s Outback Spectacular from his home in Europe, Mr Payne said politicians need to understand that hosting the Olympics is a “catalyst for change”.

“No host city has had 11 years to prepare to host the Games. The normal period is seven years.

“No host city has ever had the opportunity to host the Games under the new flexible hosting model of the International Olympic Committee. This means that you can design a structure that best suits the needs of the region, not a standard model designed in an ivory tower halfway around the world.

More than 10,500 athletes from 205 countries will take part in 30 events held in South East Queensland at the 2032 Olympics.

Over 20,000 media will cover the 17-day event, producing 9,000 hours of original sports coverage.

Mr Payne presented a roadmap on how the Gold Coast could be successful as a co-host:

Use the extra time wisely

“Don’t waste it and be clear about what infrastructure projects you want, you really need, and plan ahead,” he said.

“The problem with the Olympics – and any major event for that matter – is that the deadline is non-negotiable, so whether you’re ready or not, stadiums built or not, the athletes are coming.”

Build the leadership team

“The best management team I have ever seen was in private equity – because leaders were used to taking over complex assets, which could be facing problems and still reach their full potential,” he said. declared.

Invest time and resources to study best practices

“Please feel free to go back and study carefully what the previous organizers have done. In my mind, it is certainly worth the careful study of every Games operation since Barcelona 1992.

“Look what they did to make their Games special; how they made their city / region stand out. Look at the mistakes they made and how to avoid making the same mistakes.

“Don’t be an islander and think, as organizers so often do, of ‘not invented here’ because you can save a fortune in budget, resources and time by doing just a little bit of basic homework.”

Define a clear strategic vision: what will be your long-term legacy?

“Legacies are both tangible and intangible.

“Seize the opportunity to host the Games to advance major major infrastructure projects.

“I know this all sounds blinding, but believe me I have seen time and time again that politicians and business leaders ignore these very basic rules and waste the opportunity.”

In summary, Mr. Payne gave the organizers an ultimatum of five other guidelines critical to success.

“Make it magical; engage with the local community and create local ownership; it’s a trip (therefore) take everyone with you, starting with the schoolchildren; simple things can make a real difference.

“And, finally, have fun.”

Meet Olympic Gold Medalist Logan Martin at the Future GC Event

BMX superstar Logan Martin has put the brakes on his gold medal path to focus on family life, the Bulletin’s upcoming Future GC lunch and a new fashion line.

The two-time world champion may be inked from head to toe, but he’s a soft-spoken dad with a heart of gold.

And Logan’s short documentary “Stay Dedicated,” which premiered at an LSKD event earlier this month, rings true to its local values ​​and heightened ambitions.

It is these details of dedication and meteoric rise that he will share at the Gold Coast Bulletin’s Future GC Luncheon on December 2.


As the world’s first BMX freestyle gold medalist, Logan will also discuss the benefits of the legacy of the Brisbane 2032 Olympics.

Logan said he took a “step back” from the “whirlwind” of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics to focus on his number one priority – his family.

“After the Olympics it was wonderful to come home, take a break from the intense training and spend some quality time with my wife and my two and a half year old son Noah,” a- he declared.

“I’m still on the bike a bit but I won’t have to step up my training until next year.”

And it’s not just his handlebars that makes him spin for joy. Logan and his wife Kimberley are expecting their second child, a daughter, due in January.

Jason Daniel, CEO and co-founder of LSKD, said Logan has always been a natural fit for his brand.

“While Logan is literally the best at his chosen sport, that’s not what we base our selection of our brand ambassadors on,” he said.

“We decided to work with Logan two years ago because of his values, not his accolades. He’s also a father, which is important.

“All of our ambassadors from Brisbane Lion Dan Rich to Olympian Natalya Diehm are aligned with what we believe in – inspiring people to go out and chase the vibe.”

Logan Martin’s exclusive lineup with LSKD will be released in February 2022.

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