Community Foundation creates relief fund for Ukrainian refugees

The Herkimer and Oneida Counties Community Foundation established a community fund in response to the military conflict in Ukraine.

The fund was launched with $50,000 from the Community Foundation’s Ronald and Sheila Cuccaro Family Fund.

The Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund will direct all contributions to the Utica refugee resettlement organization, The Center, to support its work assisting arriving Ukrainians and preparing them for life in the Mohawk Valley.

“In times of crisis, our community has always come together to help, and our history shows that we welcome those fleeing conflict and unrest elsewhere,” said Alicia Dicks, President and CEO of the Community Foundation. “Our Center partners need all of us at this time, and I urge our partners and community residents to follow the generous example of Ron and Sheila Cuccaro and do what they can to support the organization. and, through it, the Ukrainians who will soon be our neighbours.”

Shelly Callahan, the Centre’s executive director, said donations raised through the fund will support the organization’s work, including housing costs, household items, food, clothing, employment supports, case management, cultural orientation and other essential services needed to rebuild their lives here in the city and region.”

Donations to the Ukrainian Relief Fund can be made to the Community Foundation website.

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