Community rallies around local restaurant owners after TikTok virus

A viral video helps a local family during a health scare that forced them to temporarily close their restaurant.

Daniel and his wife opened Tokyo Moon in Oklahoma City six years ago, never expecting to have to close until suddenly their son was at OU Children’s fighting for his life.

“Grayson had a very high fever, very violent vomiting,” said Daniel Pham.

For Daniel and his wife, their worst nightmare came true when Grayson got worse after being sick for five days.

“He had a very high temperature of 104, he was shaking and saying he was cold, so we were like ‘we have to get him somewhere now, this doesn’t look normal’,” said Pham.

Daniel and his wife put up a quick sign on their restaurant explaining their son was in the ER before locking the doors and rushing Grayson to OU Children’s.

More than two weeks later, the restaurant remains closed while they look after their 3-year-old son.

“It’s hard having to rush your child to the ER and worry about your business at the same time because that’s how we survive. It’s tough, but we have to deal with Grayson first. It turned out he had a rare infection that he was fighting,” he said.

A viral TikTok surprised them about none other than their Tokyo Moon restaurant.

“I wanted to create this TikTok to help save the business, to energize it. I really wanted people to come and eat here once they reopened and I thought that would be the best support for them,” said Jacob Evans who posted the video on his TikTok channel, thisisoklahoma405.

In the TikTok, Evans wrote “this is why you support small businesses”.

“I came across the sign and just decided to put it up, I didn’t think it would get much attention, but here we are with over 7 million views and over $3,500 raised for them. We couldn’t be more ecstatic with the outpouring of community,” Evans said.

The Good Samaritan went a step further and helped the family create a GoFundMe.

“He was shocked, he was shocked! He reached out to me on TikTok and was very grateful to me and he actually has another 700 followers because of it now actually,” Evans said.

“It means to us that we are very blessed and very grateful to have a supportive community around us. We never thought something like this would happen to us,” Pham said.

Luckily, Grayson is back home and on medication. Money from GoFundMe helped them pay medical bills and rent for their restaurant.

They plan to reopen Tokyo Moon next week.

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