Cuppa and daily quizzes: November 8, 2021

#OnThisDay – 1962 – The epic movie Mutiny on the Bounty, which recounts the 1789 mutiny on the HMS Premium, was released in American theaters; he was perhaps best known for his production struggles, many of which centered around star Marlon Brando.

  1. On UK roads, the “National speed limit applies” sign is a white circle with a diagonal stripe. What color is the stripe?
  2. Which presenter won the first series of “Strictly Come Dancing”? Natasha Kaplinsky or Victoria Derbyshire?
  3. How many months does the gestation of an elephant last?
  4. What kind of Aggie, China, Onionskin and Cats Eye toy?
  5. The seven dwarfs appear in which 1812 fairy tale written by the Brothers Grimm?
  6. Jodie Foster stars as Tallulah in which 1976 gangster musical?
  7. In the body, the eustachian tube connects the throat to what other part of the body?
  8. Which movie directed by James Cameron starring Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver and Sam Worthington came out in 2009 and became one of the highest grossing movies of all time?
  9. Air Commodore Sir Frank Whittle is best known for what invention; the jet engine or the television?
  10. Charlotte Worthington won gold at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics by competing in which cycling event?

Answers of November 7:
Questions: 1. What is the common name beginning with “J” for a young kangaroo? 2.Which Spanish leader ruled Spain between 1939 and 1975? 3.On March 10, 2017, which British artist claimed 9 of the top 10 spots in the UK singles charts when their new album was released? 4. Which British Prime Minister first joined the House of Commons as a Member of Parliament for Maidenhead in 1997? 5.The English word ‘aviation’, meaning the piloting or operation of aircraft, originates from which European language? 6.The islets of Langerhans are found in which organ? Pancreas, intestines, stomach 7. Which country won the FIFA Most Entertaining Team Award at the 2006 World Cup? 8.The Gun Seller is the first novel written by which English actor, best known for his appearance in the medical drama House? 9. Which Greek god is considered the herald of the gods, with winged sandals that allow him to move quickly between the mortal and divine worlds? 10. Which 2021 action thriller also starring Connie Nielsen and Christopher Lloyd sees Bob Odenkirk return to a dangerous life after a house burglary?
Answers: 1. Joey 2. Francisco Franco 3. Ed Sheeran 4. Theresa May. 5.French 6. Pancreas 7. Portugal 8. Hugh Laurie 9. Hermès 10. Person

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