Football fans, unite! California Town ranks # 1 in the United States for gaming enthusiasts


CALIFORNIA – California is the number one city for football fans, according to a new report from WalletHub, a personal finance website. Los Angeles is ranked as the best city for football fans, the report says.

WalletHub’s expert panel compared 300 U.S. cities, each with at least one college or professional football team in five divisions. A total of 52 measurements were used to find the best cities across the country for football fans.

California is perfectly situated for year round outdoor football at all levels of play. In Los Angeles there are plenty of games to watch. Plus, across the state, parents take young players out on the field every weekend with dreams of future careers, playing for a big college or for a national team.

According to the doctorate from the University of Florida. Kiki Kaplanidou, it is these dreams of the future that fill the stadiums.

“Kids have dreams and if they want to continue these leagues I would support their dream but as a parent,” she said. “I know the likelihood of that happening is very low given the number of young and talented sports clubs that exist in the country.”

There is always one football game worth watching across Los Angeles, earning it the nation’s number one ranking for football fans in a big city.

Los Angeles ranked best with its major league football team at number 1 and 13th for its National Women’s Football League teams. Los Angeles ranked 27th in United Soccer League teams, 9th in varsity men’s soccer teams and 111th in varsity women’s soccer teams. While Los Angeles didn’t rank in the top five for the most engaged MLS or NWSL fans, or the most successful in all respects, a major city’s overall scores topped the rankings.

In California, the best big cities to watch football are:

  • Los Angeles # 1
  • San Diego # 22
  • Sacramento # 24
  • Riverside # 38
  • Stockton # 44
  • Oakland # 47
  • San Francisco # 50
  • Bakery # 51
  • Long beach # 54
  • Fresno # 56

The best mid-sized city to enjoy soccer is Salt Lake City, Utah. In California, the most average cities are:

  • Irvine # 7
  • Santa Clara # 23
  • Fullerton # 29
  • Berkeley # 31

The best small town to watch football is Edinburgh, Texas, according to the Wallethub report. In California, the best small towns to catch a soccer game are:

  • Stanford # 8
  • San Luis Obispo # 50
  • Santa Barbara # 57
  • Moraga # 59
  • Davis # 93
  • Malibu # 106

The ranking dataset evaluated the minimum season ticket prices for a match, stadium capacities, number of championships contested in each city.

One of the reasons for the investigation was the recent bronze medal for the United States Women’s National Team at the Tokyo Summer Olympics.

The full WalletHub report is available at


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