Harrison Phillips is already making an impact on the Minnesota community

The Buffalo Bills went through a few changes in the 2022 offseason. Most of the team members remained intact, which should have been the case, given their success since 2019.

However, a few beloved Buffalo Bills players weren’t re-signed or released due to the salary cap.

Wide receiver Cole Beasley, point carrier Jerry Hughes, cornerback Levi Wallace and backup quarterback Mitch Trubisky were some of the names not retained.

Another was fan favorite Harrison Phillips. The Bills’ four-year defensive tackle signed as an unrestricted free agent in the offseason with the Minnesota Vikings.

Phillips was a favorite in Buffalo due to his work off the field. Phillips’ “Playmakers Foundation” has helped many underprivileged children in the Buffalo community, and Harrison went out of his way to make them smile every chance he got.

Phillips finished third in the NFL Walter Payton Man of the Year award in January 2022 and received $5,000 for his charity.

Just because he left Buffalo doesn’t mean he’s going to stop his charity work. Phillips is already making a huge impact in the Minnesota community, as he visited Crescent Cove this week, which is the only hospice for children in the Midwest.

Phillips’ departure was a sad day for Buffalo, but it’s great that he can now help children and young adults in the Minneapolis/Minnesota community like he did for Western New York.

He really is one of the best people in the NFL. Nobody asked him to do this charity work, but he thinks it’s the right thing to do in his profession.

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