Japan’s Largest Bitcoin Lightning Community Partners with Tokyo’s Largest Real Estate Company

Diamond Hands, Japan’s largest Lightning Network community, is partnering with a major Tokyo real estate company on a joint research project for further adoption.

  • Japan’s largest Lightning community, Diamond Hands, is teaming up with one of the largest real estate companies, Open House Group, in Tokyo for a joint research project.
  • Open House will research the use of the Bitcoin Lightning network for real estate transactions in the region.
  • The real estate company will also seek to develop infrastructure practices for businesses in the region that want to adopt the Lightning Network.

Open House Group Company Limited, one of the leading real estate companies in the Tokyo metropolitan area, is sponsoring Japan’s largest Lightning Network community, known as Diamond Hands, in a joint research project, according to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine.

Open House will sponsor Diamond Hands’ support and outreach efforts as it seeks to drive adoption of the Lightning Network in the region. The Lightning community will join Open House in researching and developing internal projects and community development around Lightning adoption for individual users and businesses.

Additionally, Open House seeks to strengthen its understanding of the ecosystem by exploring end-to-end business operations for enterprises. This research will include secure data storage on personal devices and cloud databases on full nodes in real estate properties, leveraging layer two bitcoin technology for real estate transactions, and how to route payments over the Lightning Network.

Previously, Diamond Hands manufactured securities for its partnership with bitcoin gaming company ZEBEDEE in which the two organizations, along with Mimesis Capital, have joined forces to boost the adoption of Lightning in Asia.

Therefore, Mimesis Capital, being a bitcoin-focused family office, planned to leverage Diamond Hands’ connections to offer business advice to companies seeking to incorporate the Lightning Network into their professions. Additionally, ZEBEDEE has set itself the goal of building infrastructure to enable increased levels of bitcoin gaming in the region.

“The Diamond Hands community has played a vital role in bringing Lightning to consumers and businesses in Japan over the past year, but we are looking to take this even further by collaborating with businesses and communities around the world,” said said Koji Higashi, co-organizer of Diamond. The hands had previously declared.

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