Johannesburg Outperforms Cape Town in Global Best Cities Report

In a report published by the global management consulting firm Kearney, Johannesburg wins over Cape Town in a Best Cities report. These statistics are not indications of how beautiful Cape Town is, but rather analyze the performance of 156 cities around the world and how they have been affected by the pandemic and by the containment measures.

Breathe the mother city, breathe. Cape Town can keep its crown.

This year alone, Cape Town has accumulated numerous awards representative of our magnificent landscape. Chapmans Peak has been named as one of the worlds the most “Insta-worthy” road trip routes and Cape Town was named Africa’s leading urban destination for 2021.

Camps Bay has been recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and the Mother City is right there with the world leader party destinations, with our rooftop bar scene hovering above the likes of LA and Barcelona.

Our gastronomic and hotel scene is also exceptional. The Cape Grace, The Silo Hotel and Ellerman House took first, second and third places respectively that year. World’s Best Travel and Leisure rewards.

La Colombe ranked 7th best restaurant in the world and Wolfgat, located in the charming fishing village of Paternoster, was named the Best restaurant in the world for 2019 at the internationally acclaimed World Restaurant Awards.

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It is obvious that Cape Town has earned its title of mother city. However, when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Gold is showing itself to be more adaptable and dynamic, according to Kearney’s Global Cities Report 2021.

The study takes into account the ability of cities to attract and retain global capital, people and ideas and sustain that performance over the long term – elements affected by the pandemic that have left some places faring better than others in terms of resilience and recovery.

Survival of the fittest

Essentially, the better countries can adapt and recover quickly, the better they rank, and according to this report, Johannesburg did a better job than Cape Town.

Of the 13 African cities included, Johannesburg came in first place, well 55th (the same position as in 2020). Cape Town, however, fell four places from last year’s 77th place, now ranking 81st.

A gloomy prospect

When it comes to outlook, both cities have been placed in the bottom 50 on the full list. Here, Cape Town is placed in 122nd place and Joburg in 126th.

The global outlook for cities is based on 13 indicators divided into four categories, including personal well-being (security, health care, inequalities and the environment), economy (long-term investments and GDP), innovation (entrepreneurship , private investments and incubators) and governance. (stability, transparency, bureaucracy and ease of doing business).

Training effects

In terms of ripple effects on healthcare and future sustainability, the company noted an overall drop in scores following the pandemic, with measures of personal well-being being the biggest predictors of change.

“While the historically leading global cities have in many ways been hit hardest by the pandemic, they have also demonstrated their resilience and adaptability. Our analysis indicates that they are now in the best position to recover, with their sustainable global connectivity serving as the basis for reconstruction and adaptation to a changing world, ”the group said.

New York, London, Paris and Tokyo retained the top four positions in the index.

“While global cities that are already showing signs of economic recovery are likely to continue their upward trend, low-scoring, less-connected global cities will likely drop in our rankings next year, as the full effect of the pandemic is reflected in the measurements used. for measurement purposes, especially given the uneven distribution of vaccines around the world.

“Nonetheless, unprecedented global efforts in vaccine development and production have accelerated a return to some form of normalcy, however partial and fragmented it may be. As cities enter this new phase, they are armed with real world experience and better science, enabling leaders to better navigate the ongoing turmoil, ”adds Kearney.

Kearney outlines these five strategic steps for city leaders to consider:

  1. Winning in the competition for global talent
  2. Embrace the growing digital economy
  3. Ensuring economic resilience by balancing global and local resources
  4. Adapting to climate change
  5. Investing in individual and community well-being

See the full report here.

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