The long-awaited tour will kick off at CSO MAVİ SALON in Ankara (Capital of Turkey), the second largest city in Turkey after Istanbul at 8:00 p.m. on April 10.

TOKYO, JAPAN, March 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — A rare ensemble of some of the world’s finest creators of wind and string instruments are set to embrace the world stage in April 2022.

ATSUKO SUETOMI, YUKI MIYATA join forces this year in Turkey to share their ingenuity with Koto, Harp, music lovers. These artists are known for delivering heartbreaking performances in different venues across Europe and performing at various charity events around the world. The rare gift that inhibits this creative duo from the world of music is what their tour is about to expose.

About the tour

Taking place in two of Turkey’s biggest cities, also considered one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, the recital is set to take place with an event featuring Atsuko Suetomi, Yuki Miyata and Bülent Evcil. As for a recital, Onur Turkes will perform in place of Bülent Evcil.

This recital is a concept by the Japanese instrumentalist to perform with active players in the field, transcending national boundaries and showing respect for each other’s countries and culture with the aim of deepening and broadening relationships through music with gratitude.

At a time like this, when many countries are going through significant changes and trying to return to daily life disrupted by the pandemic, our only hope is that everyone can enjoy this concert in strict compliance with health guidelines. The tour partners are already moving forward, respecting all safety measures for all guests while you enjoy the international program of a mix of traditional Japanese and Turkish songs with a touch of Western and Eastern music.

Supposed places of visit

The long-awaited tour will kick off at CSO MAVİ SALON in Ankara (Turkey’s capital) and Turkey’s second largest city after Istanbul at 8:00 p.m. on April 10. It is expected to feature Atsuko Suetomi as a Koto player, Yuki Miyata as a harp player, Bülent Evcil as a flautist player from the Istanbul National Symphony Orchestra. This show will be sponsored by CSO MAVİ SALON.

Scheduled to take place at the Turkish Japanese Foundation Cultural Center on April 13. the show will feature Atsuko Suetomi, Yuki Miyata and Onur Turkes (Guest Player, Chief Flutist of Samson National Opera Ballet). This show will be sponsored by the Turkish Japanese Foundation. This will feature the different line-ups of musicians as in the first event, but with the anticipation of even more magic in the performance.
However, this show will also be limited to guests only.

For the third charm, will be a show at Yeldegirmeni Sanat in Istanbul on April 20. Kadikoy City organized this event. It should feature Atsuko Suetomi, Yuki Miyata. And Bülent Evcil will join this event as a guest player.

About the performers

YUKI MIYATA is a world famous harpist. Graduated from CNSM de Lyon with a DNSPM (Diplôme National Supérieur Professionel de Musicien). (France) The first Japanese harpist to win the highest prize out of 400 people in the professional division of the 27th World Music Competition in Spain. Won first prizes in seven of the competitions worldwide. In 2020, was featured in “Google America” ​​(USA) “Anadolu Life” (Turkey). At the end of the same year, “GENÇLER”, a classical music program on TRT Radio-3, a Turkish national broadcaster, aired a 45-minute report on the harp’s solo performance, which received favorable reviews. In 2021 she was invited to Mozarthaus.(Austria). She has performed with orchestras in Japan and overseas, including the Orchester National de Lyon, and currently works as a concert harpist.

Atsuko Suetomi is a world famous Koto player and philanthropist from Turkey.
Since February 2007, she has lived in Istanbul, Izmir, then Ankara in Turkey.
His amazing performances on the Koto instrument have been accepted in many parts of the world including; Japan and Turkey for their beautiful sound, full of peace and emotion, delicate yet dynamic and known for its healing abilities. She performed at diplomatic events, in universities, but also in hospitals and institutions. and performs with the best artists and orchestras in Turkey, through which she presents the charms of Koto.

Bülent Evcil is a Turkish solo flautist and winner of the Royal Belgium Encouragement of art medal. For a time, Bülent worked as a flute bandleader at the Istanbul State Opera and Ballet before becoming a bandleader at the Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra and a solo flautist at the Orchestra Istanbul Borusan Philharmonic.
Bülent Evcil was recognized as one of the best flautists of his generation by the famous virtuoso flautist James Galway.

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