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Animanga’s popularity in the UK

Published: September 19, 2022 10:07

Animanga is quite popular in Japan and its wave is spreading rapidly to other countries. The UK is a place that is rapidly embracing this form of entertainment. However, the term might sound a little strange to so many people, as they just prefer to call them anime. The word is coined from two words, anime and manga. Anime are Japanese cartoons while Manga are Japanese comics. Therefore, animanga is a collective term for both.

This industry is currently valued at over US$19 billion in Japan and you can imagine the trajectory it will take once it becomes mainstream globally. Animanga has a rich history which dates back to the 20e Century in which it was first seen. They made a breakthrough in the 70s where different genres of the same genre were created. The 1980s were called the golden age of anime due to the development of original anime series inspired by the rise of the 70s.

This form of entertainment is amazing because it creates a unique and creative way of telling stories. Most creators develop animanga as a side business, so you’re likely to find unique ideas from people with different perspectives. Even though several animangas are available, only the best films are picked up by major studios and converted into mainstream anime series.

Apart from anime series, animanga has inspired other creations like music, games, and art. You’ll especially love the animanga-themed slots and casino games that are available at major online casinos. They use well-designed themed symbols to create an immersive experience. You could also win large sums of money if you are lucky. For the best experience, you should choose a fast withdrawal casino which will allow you to play your favorite anime-themed slots and cash out easily.

Why the rise in popularity in the UK?

Maybe you are wondering why now? Why have these shows become so popular in the UK when they have always existed? Since time immemorial, animanga has been a creative and captivating form of entertainment, so it’s unlikely that people just realized it. It first came to the UK in the 80s with shows like Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbor Totoro. Let’s take a closer look at why its popularity has grown.

More viewing platforms

It was very easy for the Japanese to embrace animanga because they were easily accessible to them. However, the situation was quite different in the UK. It was so hard to stumble upon an anime series, watch it, and love it. People had to go to extreme lengths to find them and that often involved some level of illegality. The only show that could be found was Pokémon, which aired on ITV.

Recently, online streaming platforms have changed the game by making it easier to find these shows. Netflix, one of the major streaming platforms in the world, has started offering them. They have over 50 anime shows available, including the following:

You can go into this genre and find a wide variety of animanga series to watch. He also dabbled in creating original anime content for his platform. Moreover, subscriptions to the platform are quite affordable, thus allowing several people from the UK to access it.

Crunchroll is another fantastic platform that offers anime series. It is an American platform founded in California but recently entered the UK. It had a humble start but quickly grew into a renowned platform with hundreds of anime series.

In addition to these legal ways to watch these shows, you can also find them illegally through piracy. You can find and download them through the Internet and watch them whenever you want. Fansubbing communities picked them up and saved them, translated them and shared them. They still exist to this day and can allow you to find and watch anime without incurring any fees. The advent of more watch platforms has contributed greatly to the growing popularity of animanga in the UK. Due to the positive reception, these platforms are likely to offer more shows leading to a bigger upside.

Integration of different cultures

Animanga was originally intended for Japanese audiences. Therefore, it was a classic representation of its cultures and beliefs that was portrayed in an exciting way. Since it makes great references to and salutes Japanese legends, it can be a fantastic way for people from elsewhere to learn about the ways and cultures of these peoples. There are huge differences between Asian and Western cultures, so there are a lot of new things to learn. Nevertheless, modern anime series have attempted to diversify attention. They also try to create shows that address serious topics such as:

These are very common issues in the West, so people are likely to identify with them. It’s amazing how anime can address these issues while maintaining their comedic, colorful, and cute looks. They tend to have innovative ways of hiding their messages, thus forcing people to explore them deeply to understand them.

The mix of issues it focuses on and the integration of different cultures has made it a big hit in the UK. They were initially considered for children, but now you can find animanga shows for teenagers and adults.

Exceptional visuals and sounds

Animanga shows have high quality visuals and sound effects which made them more enjoyable to UK audiences. They also take you away from the Western ways that are a little too obvious. Studios try to use advanced technologies like 3D to make them visually pleasing. They also sped up the production process leading to the regular release of new movies.

These shows have amazing backgrounds, stunning sound effects, intriguing tones, and amazing animation. They also have the distinction of depicting things like sex scenes. As mentioned above, this industry has a great way of telling stories and UK audiences have fully embraced it.

Animation conventions

These conventions propelled the popularity of animanga in the UK and beyond. They tend to attract worldwide attention, which makes them incredible marketing avenues. These events focus on anime, manga, and Japanese culture in general. They take place every year in different cities and bring together authors, directors, creators and industry enthusiasts.

The first convention, Comiket, was held in Tokyo in 1970 and attracted hundreds of people. The recent Comiket Events have attracted hundreds of thousands of people and the event seems to get bigger every year. These events slowly spread to other countries like the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. The United States was the first Western country to hold it. YamatoCon was first held in 1983 in Texas and it was a convention dedicated to Japanese animation. The A-Kon Project, on the other hand, started in the 90s and is considered the first true anime convention in the United States.

In the late 1990s, these events drew thousands of people to the United States and are now approaching the hundreds of thousands mark. The biggest convention is Anime Expo and it attracted over 90,000 people in 2015.

In the UK, the first convention, AUKcon, was held in London in 1994 while the Manifest was the first in Australia. Notably, the largest convention outside of Japan is hosted in Europe. It is the Japan Expo which is held in Paris. The COVID 19 pandemic has caused the postponement and cancellation of such events, but they are starting to come back into the limelight. Some of the upcoming events include:




DragonCon 2022

United States


San Japan 2022

United States


PixelExpo 2022



Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con 2022



Newcastle Anime & Gaming Con 2022



Liverpool Anime & Gaming Con 2022



Hosting anime conventions outside of Japan shows that it has become a cultural phenomenon that has been embraced worldwide. The UK specifically hosts many conventions in different cities each year. These events widely popularized animanga in the UK. They tend to publicize them and provide a platform for discussions and the release of new shows. They also create a new source of income for people.


Animanga has become so popular in the UK lately. It comes in the form of movies, series, TV shows, casino games and much more and gives more people the opportunity to embrace Japanese culture. The shows are available on various streaming platforms and tend to focus on various issues affecting people in different places. The major conventions held each year have also propelled its popularity. You should try to watch anime today for an amazing experience.

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