Madeium launches the first NFT Sneaker community with Jagger Eaton and Stomper Haus & Moondust Studios

Peer-to-peer design network Madeium to abandon early sneaker design NFTs with Eaton’s Cariuma sneakers reimagined by design studios Stomper Haus and Moondust

Peer-to-peer design network Madeium to abandon early sneaker design NFTs with Eaton’s Cariuma sneakers reimagined by design studios Stomper Haus and Moondust

PORTLAND, OR, United States, Dec 4, 2021 / – Madeium, the revolutionary new peer-to-peer design platform has just been named “one of the 15 most disruptive companies ever ‘Impose in the Future of the Metaverse’ by Metaverse Insider, announced exclusive NFT Sneaker releases in a collection inspired by the 20-year-old skateboarding phenomenon, SLS Super Crown champion and Olympic bronze medalist Jagger Eaton. These NFTs include both digital artwork rights and a physical, unique, 3D printed and bronzed custom sculpture and corresponding custom display box, which will release on Thursday, December 9, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. PST. Top sneaker design houses Stomper Haus and Moondust Studios have come together through Madeium’s unique collaboration-based profit sharing model.

Jagger teamed up with shoe artist Aylmer Jordan Abrea of ​​Stomper Haus to create his ‘stomped’ version of the Cariuma Pro High, Jagger’s shoes from his Skateboarding Street medal-winning race in Tokyo, the first ever skateboard medal in United States history. Abrea is known for his popular Instagram account where he displays his whimsical re-imaginations of popular shoes and has worked on shoe designs with many brands including Nike, Versace, Pyer Moss and Kith. Aylmer brings Jagger’s sneakers to life by distorting the proportions, giving them personality and a strong point of view.

A skateboarder himself, Abrea gave this sneaker a worn feel with real wear patterns, staying true to the skate community. Skateboarders know that shoes aren’t perfect until the first ollie. The ‘weathered’ aspects of the shoe represent Jagger’s hard work, slam after slam, rising from the curb to try his turn once more. Ripped laces are authentic to a skater’s coarse, tied-up fix to extend the session an extra try. Abrea’s work perfectly personifies Jagger’s attitude to the board.

This one-of-a-kind sneaker sculpture requested a custom box created by former artistic director of Element and Plan B skateboards Bryan Arii, of eclectic design and manufacturing house Moondust Studios. Arii’s custom sneaker boxes customers include Tequila from The Rock, Puma, Kanye West, Two J’s Kicks, Mayor (The King of Sneakers), Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg and many more. With a one-year waiting list for Moondust creations, this personalized NFT collaboration is the only way to stand in line. Moondust’s one-of-a-kind display case features a turntable, LED lights, skateboards and wheels, and topped with a clear cover to display the Stomper Haus sneaker sculpture inside.

“Madeium is honored to support this Sneaker Collab by allowing artists, designers and athletes to create on their terms. Here, sneakerheads come together to create digital and physical collections, with no one in their way, ”says Jesse Rademacher, CEO of Madeium, Inc.“ It’s 100% community-driven sneakers. Power to those who follow their passions. The world needs more of this, doesn’t it?

As part of the continued roll-out of this Sneaker NFT collection, 14 individually designed NFTs by Top Sneaker Customizers will be released on Thursday, December 16, 2021. The “Mache & Friends NFT Collection” is the brainchild of legendary sneaker artist Dan “Mache “. Gamache from Mache Customs, where he organized a consortium of his favorite designers and respected artist friends to launch his first NFTs for the sneaker community.

The NFT collection of Jagger Eaton sneakers

Released 12/9/21 at 5 p.m. PST – Auction

Jagger’s Sneaker Sculpture by Stomper Haus & Moondust, with Cariuma
The bundle includes a single, unique (1: 1) NFT Original Artwork created by Stomper Haus as a life-size physical bronze sneaker sculpture by Aylmer Jordan Abrea. The NFT bundle includes a 3D file, a physical sculpture and a personalized 1: 1 electronic display box by Bryan Arii of Moondust Studios.

Released 12/16/2021 at 5 p.m. PST – Auction

NFT collection of Mache & Friends sneakers
· Mache Customs organized 7 Sneaker Customizers who each personalized two 3D printed Stomper Cariuma sculptures in ½ scale. 14 unique designs are offered individually as 1: 1 artworks. Each NFT bundle includes a scaled-down box, 1:14 display boxes by Alex Hartman of Hartland Creative (also one of 7 customizers).

Dropped on 11/18/21 – Live auction

Jagger Bronze Mule Sculpture:
o A life-size 3D printed, hydro-plated copper / bronze metal sculpture with a polished finish, created by digital substance designer Oleg Soroko, includes a custom hard case by Alex Hartman of Hartland Creative.

3D digital animation of Jagger’s bronze mullet:
o Digital animation of Jagger’s Mullet Riding a Skateboard, doing a kickflip, created by 3D animator Linus Dahlgren.

Visit the collection here:
For high resolution images contact Eileen Mercolino – [email protected]

About Stomper Haus
Aylmer Jordan Abrea of ​​Stomper Haus is an avowed “shoe artist and enthusiast” who specializes in taking current shoe designs and making them “stompified” by deconstructing proportions and creating new ideas for how shoes can. to be experienced. Abrea is both a fine artist working with pencil, paper and pen as well as a digital artist using technology and digital tablets for his creations. Long-time skateboarder, Abrea as an artist is situated in the world of haute couture as well as deconstructive art and streetwear. Find Stomper Haus on Instagram at @stomper_haus

About Moondust Studios
Based in Chino Hills, Calif., Moondust Studios is run by graphic designer Bryan Arii, a former art director of Element and Plan B Skateboards and its talented team of designers and makers. Moondust’s box creations are all unique collectibles and have a one-year waiting list. The studio has many celebrities and A-List brands among its clients including The Rock, Kanye West, Monster Energy, Lala Anthony, Snoop Dogg, Etnies, Mattel, The Berrics, Urban Necessities, Cloud 9, Tiger Woods, Rob Gronkowski, Two J’s Kicks, Mayor and Element Skateboards. Find Moondust Studios on Instagram @moondust_studio_inc

About Madéium
Named in the Metaverse Insider list of the “15 Most Disruptive Companies Making Their Mark in the Future of the Metaverse,” Madeium was designed by former adidas shoe design director Jesse Rademacher and his brother Sean Rademacher, a trailblazer pioneer. innovative business, a creative visionary and a multifaceted art. director. Prior to founding Madeium, Jesse pioneered technologies and new design tools in additive manufacturing and 3D printing as Design Director of Adidas Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Basketball and Footwear Innovation. Jesse has designed athlete and celebrity brands and product collections for James Harden, Pharrell, Damian Lillard, Kanye, Mark Gonzales, Daniel Patrick, Fucking Awesome, Donovan Mitchell and other top talent.

Operating not as a brand, but as a network of peers, Madeium reverses the power structure of the footwear industry in favor of designers, influencers and authentic communities. Through profit sharing and a long list of innovative tools, Madeium’s Home Court of Ideas enables manufacturers and design entrepreneurs to launch digital and physical products, directly to the consumer, authenticated by blockchain, with a production on demand. Thanks to open source and collective mentalities, the Madeium ecosystem adapts to the evolution of innovation while remaining agnostic in terms of technology. Our aim is to bring in great resources to enhance the professional creative experience. Madeium has pioneered a myriad of options for designers to monetize their ideas, control intellectual property (IP), collaborate effectively, and participate in direct profit sharing with influencers.

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