Man ties ‘faulty’ electric scooter to donkey and rides it around town

Aurangabad, April 25: A businessman from Parli Vaijanath, Maharashtra tied his electric scooter to a donkey with a rope and paraded it around the city in protest against its manufacture for not fixing the faulty two- wheels after it stopped working just 15 days after delivery.

Feeling upset over the company’s poor response to fixing the vehicle’s problem, businessman Sachin Gitte tied the ‘faulty’ electric scooter to a donkey and paraded it through town on Sunday in the district of Beed.

Gitte had booked the battery scooter from a well-known company by paying Rs 20,000 in September last year. On January 21, 2022, he paid the remaining Rs 65,000 and secured delivery of the scooter on March 24.

Speaking to PTI, he said: “I bought the scooter paying the full amount but it stopped working on April 8. I found the customer service details and tried to approach the company, but the company didn’t respond well. We can find God if we try, but those people from the company were hard to find.” Out of frustration, the businessman even thought of burning the vehicle.

“Somehow they sent a mechanic, but he couldn’t fix the problem. My scooter stayed in one place for a long time. I realized that this scooter was useless and I I even wanted to set it on fire,” Gitte said.

It was then that he had the protesting idea of ​​a donkey pulling the two-wheeler.

Gitte said: “I won’t stop there. I will file a complaint with the Consumer Court…my preparations for this are underway.”

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