Mayor: City got back almost all of the funds it mistakenly sent to the man

ABU, Yamaguchi Prefecture – Abu City has now recovered nearly 43 million yen ($336,896) of the 46.3 million yen it accidentally sent to a single resident’s bank account, a report said. declared its mayor on May 24.

At a press conference at the Abu Municipal Office, Mayor Norihiko Hanada and the city attorney announced that 42,993,434 yen had been recovered from the three online payment service agencies the resident had sent to. funds.

“We legally recovered (the money) by means including seizure of the bank accounts of the three companies (the online payment service agencies) under the National Tax Collection Act, but not by regulations or negotiations,” the attorney told the May 24 news. conference.

Hanada also apologized for the clerical error that caused the costly mishap.

A city official accidentally sent 46.3 million yen to Sho Taguchi, 24, on April 8 when he was sending pandemic relief grants of 100,000 yen each to 463 tax-exempt households. dwelling.

According to his lawyer, Taguchi withdrew the money from his bank account through a series of transfers from April 8 to 18, sending it to three national online payment service agencies suspected of having business ties with online casino sites.

Taguchi eventually transferred almost all of the mistakenly paid funds from his account. Later, he informed his lawyer that he wasted all the money on overseas casino websites.

According to the city attorney, the city has identified the mailing addresses of the three companies, all of which are located in Tokyo. On May 19, city officials visited these businesses and gave each of them written notices that legal authorities would seize their assets and recover the money from them.

After that, each of the three companies returned to the city’s bank account the same amounts that Taguchi had transferred to them.

Prefectural police arrested Taguchi on May 18 on suspicion of committing computer fraud by transferring 4 million yen in funds to one of these online payment service companies using his smartphone, while he knew the money had been sent to his account by mistake.

After the city took him to court to recover all of the missing funds, Taguchi’s attorney took the necessary legal steps to confirm that he would accept the request and happily return them, although he added that it would not. would probably not be easily resolved.

“Taguchi has nothing of financial value at his disposal,” his attorney said at the time. “Therefore, realistically, it’s difficult to repay the money.”

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