Old Town hosts Maine Little League Baseball Championship

The league game was on Saturday, the temperatures were hot and so were the players. Hot as in the hot throw, some great plays and hits in the league

The tournament was held during the week with the final match on Saturday to crown a champion. Last two teams in the Championship game in one game to secure a State winner – Yarmouth and Sanford

The Old Town Little League hosted the tournament at the C de C Ground in the Old Town

The old town as a host provides everything necessary. And I know a few people who are on their board.

So, short story: I was asked to replace the game as the AP announcer. Cool for me!

Hot day of course, but the AP announcer is in the shade, under a tent.

Hey great seats.

Right behind home plate nothing but a screen in front of me and I sat next to the scorekeepers on one side and the tournament director on the other

Old Town Police Chief Scott Wilcox was the tournament director.

Little League 9-11 year olds play six-inning games. It was a tight match with the final score: Yarmouth 9, Sanford 8. Yarmouth wins.

Courtesy of Scott Wilcox

Courtesy of Scott Wilcox

Players from both teams receive a pin. Be proud.

Now, Yarmouth will then travel to Massachusetts for the regional finals which begin next week.

Be proud young men to represent Maine in the next tournament.

During a break in the game between sets, one of the referees came over for a drink of water and said to me that you sound like a radio guy making these announcements, have you ever thought of making the radio. I replied that you think I could actually do that? Then he said who are you. I told him. We laughed. Nice to meet you, Dennis Farnham. Thanks for listening.

In fact, before my first radio gig as a high school student, I got a job as an off-ice official for a minor hockey league. I accepted the job on one condition: I could be the PA announcer and announce goals and penalties. So I’ve come full circle

Thank you for the Old Town opportunity although regular announcer jobs are not at risk.

It was an honor. Meet at the ballpark

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