Once again, Cape Town is voted the 11th best city in the world

We are delighted to hear that Cape Town ranked in the top 20 in the Timeout Index 2022 quiz and was ranked the 11th best city in the world. Very close to reaching the top 10. The results are based on the city’s hiking sites, food, culture, beaches and nightlife.

Cape Town overtook major cities like New York, London, Tokyo and Lisbon, among others. Facilitate exploration and do everything for citizens and visitors.

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This year’s theme focused on cities that aren’t boring, overpriced, or overrated, and that also scored well on practicalities like walking, good public transport, and safety.

However, while the ranking is great news for tourism, the reality for the majority of people who call the city home is not so great. Unemployment and poverty have played a major role in the country’s crime rate.

According to Deloitte, in 2021, forty-seven percent of millennials in South Africa cited unemployment as their top concern, while 32 percent cited crime and security as well as corruption in business and politics. . But for their global peers, their concerns were health and disease prevention, expressed by 28%, followed by unemployment (27%) and climate change and the environment (26%).

While in 2022 and in the first quarter of the year, unemployment was highest among 15 to 24 year olds (63.9%) and 25 to 34 year olds (42.1%). Some 3.8 million out of 10.2 million people aged 15 to 24 had no job, education or training.

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