Renowned Distillery Creates Whiskey Only For Hokkaido City

AKKESHI, Hokkaido – A distillery produced a whiskey that is only available in this city as a “thank you” for the community’s support and its generous nature.

Akkeshi Distillery, operated by Tokyo-based food importer Kenten Co., has won praise at home and abroad for its whiskeys, and top-selling products are often hard to come by.

Its Kaki no Komoriuta (oyster lullaby) can be even more difficult to find, especially for people outside.

Named after Akkeshi’s local specialty oysters, the drink is a blend of malt whiskeys from Akkeshi and the Scottish island of Islay. It has an alcohol content of 45 percent.

Located in the eastern part of Japan’s northernmost prefecture and facing the Pacific Ocean, Akkeshi is known for its cool, humid summers as well as sea fog.

The distillery uses water filtered through a layer of peat to produce whiskey.

Kenten President Keiichi Toita decided to make malt whiskey in Akkeshi because the city environment is similar to Islay, one of the largest scotch producing areas in the world.

The company entered the whiskey production business in the fall of 2016 and started selling its Akkeshi New Born series in 2018.

In 2020, she started selling whiskey aged at least three years.

According to the company and the municipal office, the 10,000 bottles of Boshu whiskey released by the distillery in May were quickly purchased across Japan.

It was also sold in limited quantities in Akkeshi, where customers lined up outside stores in the early hours of the release date.

Kaki no Komoriuta was created to show gratitude for the things that made the distillery produce whiskey: the city’s nature-rich environment and the local fans.

The spirits have been sold in glasses in hotels, restaurants and elsewhere in the city since November 1.

In addition to the straight portions and on the rocks, the distillery recommends tasting the whiskey in highballs.

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