SimCity BuildIt Tokyo Town Update Introduces You to Japan

I’ve been fortunate to have taken quite a few trips in my life, but Japan is always at the top of my list of places I would like to visit. Unfortunately, I don’t see myself setting foot in Tokyo anytime soon.

Luckily, the EA development team on SimCity BuildIt brings us a little bit of Japan. In the game’s Tokyo Town update, EA’s mobile builder is helping mayors bridge the gap between East and West with a number of new features, including a fully bustling international airport – the best to ship cargo and earn Tokyo City items like Lucky Cat.

You will also be able to build Himeji Castle, as well as residential areas that include classic Japanese houses and shiny futuristic skyscrapers. In addition, there is a new mailbox to receive rewards and news, airships and hot air balloons flying in the sky, and more.

EA also revealed a few numbers that reinforce how SimCity BuildIt has done well with mobile gamers so far, including 2 billion amazing game sessions since the game launched last December and a total population of 1,200 billion Sims. Not all in one city, mind you. You would need a lot of fire department coverage for this.

The Tokyo City Update should help with the construction, and you can participate by entering SimCity BuildIt from iOS App Store Where google play for Android now.

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