Solve.Care Calls on Crypto Community to Help War-Displaced Ukrainian Families

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Solve.Care, the global healthcare platform company with a presence in Ukraine, today appealed to the blockchain and crypto community to help fund an initiative that provides temporary and safe shelter for families displaced by war. To resolve. Care’s main office in Ukraine is located in the center of Kyiv. However, before Russian forces invaded the country, the company evacuated its team members and their families as a precautionary measure to the western part of the country near the Polish border.

Solve.Care members seek to create more shelters in southwestern Ukraine

The Solve.Care team in western Ukraine saw the problems faced by displaced people with nowhere to go. They mobilized and, together with local authorities and other volunteers, organized the following:

  1. Convert gymnasiums, schools, churches and government buildings into shelters. Two gymnasiums have already been secured and transformed into a 109-bed shelter.
  2. Provide necessities such as a safe sleeping space, food, blankets, beds and personal hygiene products.
  3. The Solve.Care team has also set up a supply chain to bring in additional supplies from Poland, Romania and Hungary.

However, the need is growing every day; the number of people displaced by war is rapidly approaching two million and continues to rise. Solve.Care members on the ground are working to set up more shelters in southwestern Ukraine, near the borders of Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. A dedicated website was set up, seeking funds so that many more displaced families could be cared for.

Solve.Care CEO Pradeep Goel said:

“I call on the blockchain and crypto community to step in to help the multitudes displaced by this senseless war. We are here directly on the ground, providing direct and immediate aid to those in need. We are not an NGO or a government organization. We are an IT company with the ingenuity and organizational skills to implement this quickly and efficiently. Every penny donated to this cause will be spent on housing and feeding families. There is no intermediaries, no administrative or overhead costs.

Mr. Goel added:

“I would also like to express my thanks to Dr. David Randall of the American Research Policy Institute (ARPI) for agreeing to manage Trust Gifts so that US donations can be tax deductible.”

The Government Blockchain Association (GBA), which has more than 6,000 registered individual and organizational members in 120 cities around the world, has also supported this initiative.

Solve Care is a global healthcare platform company that redefines care coordination, improves access to care, reduces benefit administration costs, and helps reduce fraud and waste in healthcare worldwide . The .Care platform enables the creation and management of digital health networks called Care Networks, for patient-centered care based on medical conditions, economic and social needs, and other personalized eligibility criteria, creating thus a complete healthcare ecosystem. It is also the first company in the world to successfully deploy digital currency and blockchain technology for value-based healthcare payments. Solve.Care is a multi-award-winning company, receiving accolades such as: “Most Innovative Blockchain Project Award” at Blockchain Life 2019 Forum, “Top Innovative Blockchain Solution” and “Top Outstanding Project” at World Blockchain Awards 2019, BRI’s ‘Industrial Solution of the Year 2020’, SSOW Impact Awards ‘Technology of the Year 2020’ and many more.

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