The G7 and its allies will urge the international community to unite against Russia

US administration officials warned lawmakers in classified briefings on Monday that a second wave of Russian troops would likely shore up the country’s positions in Ukraine and be able to overcome Ukrainian resistance, according to two people familiar with the briefings.

“That part was disheartening,” one lawmaker told CNN.

Officials also said Russia was likely to besiege Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, and predicted horrific scenes of urban warfare, one of the people familiar with the matter said.

Putin’s mental state: Questions about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s mental state were asked during briefings but not clearly answered by administration officials, the sources said.

GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley, who attended the Senate briefing, confirmed that Putin’s mental state came to light, but declined to elaborate on what was shared.

He said, however, that regardless of the briefing, he was personally concerned about Putin’s mental state.

Biden administration officials were more optimistic about the emerging unity of Western countries, both in terms of sanctions and weapons from countries like Germany that opposed such a move a few days ago in barely, the sources said.

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