[Today’s K-pop] Twice adds a concert to its Tokyo tour

(Credit: JYP Entertainment)

Twice will once again perform at the Tokyo Dome on April 25, record label JYP Entertainment announced on Tuesday.

The band planned to perform live at the dome on April 23 and 24, as part of their fourth international tour. The nine-member band kicked off their tour with two concerts in Seoul in December last year and performed live to a total of 100,000 spectators at seven shows in five US cities last month.

Twice on the Tokyo Dome stage for the first time in March 2019, in the shortest time since his debut for an international artist. It’s been about two years since the band performed there.

The group is also celebrating its fifth anniversary since its debut in Japan and will mark the occasion with the fourth best-of album “#Twice4”. The album will include “I Can’t Stop Me”, “Cry For Me”, “Alcohol-Free” and “Scientist” in Japanese and Korean. It will be released on March 16.

NCT Dream Unveils Travel Reality Show

(Credit: SM Entertainment)

(Credit: SM Entertainment)

NCT Dream’s travel-themed original content will begin streaming on March 11 on its YouTube channel.

The six-part series, titled “7llin’ in our Youth,” will show the seven members escaping to a beach to relax, eat and have fun. Members also go camping and try a number of activities as the title suggests. “7” is pronounced “chil” in Korean.

This follows the band’s previous content “7llin’ in the Dream”, which was released in April last year in time for their debut studio album “Hot Sauce”. The debut LP topped the iTunes Top Albums chart in 37 regions, the Oricon Albums chart in Japan, and all major charts at home. Combined with the “Hello Future” repack, the LP sold over 3 million copies.

On March 28, the seven-member group will make a comeback with their second LP “Glitch Mode.” It will also host an online concert on April 5.

Sunmi celebrates International Women’s Day with a new song

(Credit: Abyss Company)

(Credit: Abyss Company)

Sumni released a song to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8 as part of a Spotify campaign.

She was chosen as the representative for Asia and the song, titled “Oh Sorry Ya”, was released exclusively on the music platform. The project is a joint effort between Spotify’s Equal Campaign, a global initiative to support female artists, and Spotify Singles, a program that allows artists to re-record their existing songs or stream album covers.

It’s the first song the singer has released this year, and it’s in line with “Borderline,” a track from her third EP “1/6.” In her third EP, she went deep within herself, as her old self clashes with her new self in her new track.

Last month, she thanked her fans for being there for her for 15 years with a series of photos and a message saying she will sing and dance for them forever.

Astro’s Sanha & Moonbin Postpone 2nd EP Release

(Credit: Fantagio)

(Credit: Fantagio)

Astro’s Sanha and Moonbin have tested positive for COVID-19 and will suspend all activities, including promotion of their upcoming second EP as a unit.

The two initially tested negative for rapid antigen tests, but were confirmed to have contracted the virus through PCR tests. Sanha has no symptoms and Moonbin has symptoms similar to a mild cold, Fantagio news agency said on Tuesday.

The two were set to release the duet’s second EP “Refuge” on March 15. Astro is also hosting a fan meet-and-greet event on March 13 to mark the sixth anniversary of the group’s debut.

Sanha and Moonbin will not be able to participate in scheduled activities at this time, and plans will be announced once they learn when they can be released from quarantine, the agency added.

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